Tim Barrus: Orpheus: Mimesis: by tim barrus and mary scriver

-- ORPHEUS PRESSED UP AGAINST THE WINDOWS OF THE CATACOMBS -- Exiled by the literary memoir wars of American publishing to the far-away shores of Paris, France, Tim Barrus, Enfant Terrible, unrepentant-as-ever, creates Cinematheque Films, an art program for boys-at-risk. Barrus was once one himself. What does the term boys-at-risk mean. It means HIV/AIDS. It means male prostitution. They use the word whore a lot. It means junkies and addiction. But it can also mean enormous, subversive creativity. Barrus has been there. Done that. Orpheus is about a redefinition of the term: family. A family haunted by disease, by demons, by dementia. A psychic connection is made half a world away, in Montana, where another writer lives. "This is a story," Mary Scriver says. "We have to write it down." Barrus only kicks holes in the wall at the thought of it. But Scriver gets to work. She is a workhorse of a writer. Determined where Barrus is enigmatic. Some say evasive. Perhaps evasive for reasons never articulated until now. Orpheus is a story about the music that you make, the dancing that you do, and the poetry that you sing. These are the voices of the survivors. After the Last Collapse: http://after-the-last-collapse.tumblr.com

Mimesis: tim barrus and mary scriver